Cardano Outranks Bitcoin Among the World’s Top Intimate Brands

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A new report on global brand intimacy ranks blockchain developer Cardano first in the crypto space. According to a report released by brand relations agency MBLM, Cardano ranks 26 out of 600 brands and holds the top in the crypto industry.

According to the report, brand intimacy refers to the emotional connections that brands can form with their user base and audience. MBLM used artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to better understand consumer relationships with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Disney, Tesla, and Apple.

Across the 19 industries studied, crypto was among the top ten performers, with Cardano leading the way and Bitcoin as a brand coming in at #30. Uniswap and Solana, on the other hand, came in at #261 and #265, respectively.

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In comparison to last year, the surveyors stated that Cardano is not only a new entry but also the highest ranked cryptocurrency and the best performing financial services brand in the study.

In a statement, Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson revealed that the company was founded on the simple belief that everyone is equal and should live in a fair society. Cardano achieves this through decentralization and merit, he says.

“What’s nice about that is that it doesn’t require a founder, a particular culture or country. Now we have people in the Cardano ecosystem from more than 100 different countries working together towards this end.”

Cardano Is Also Outpacing Other Giants

Cardano’s ranking elicited the most reactions on Twitter, outpacing legacy brands such as Google and eBay. According to one user, Cardano is not just a subject for internet memes but also in a “league where the big boys are.”

The report also highlights the impact of the global pandemic, stating that brand performance has increased by 19% since the pandemic began.

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Cardano’s stellar performance coincides with the blockchain developer’s preparations for a major network upgrade. It is currently preparing for the long-awaited Vasil hard fork, which aims to reduce transaction sizes, reduce costs, and allow for more network activity.

The top ranks of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole reflect the growing mass adoption of Web3 and decentralized technologies. According to a recent survey of parents in the United States, 64% want crypto-related content taught in schools.