Cardano NFTs Underperform With 1038 Buyers, While Solana NFTs Spike by 2226.47%

Cardano Displays Dominance by Surpassing Polkadot and Kusama in Developer Activity

Based on information sourced from CryptoSlam, it’s evident that Solana (SOL) NFTs are displaying better performance compared to those on Cardano (ADA). Over the past 24 hours, SOL witnessed a remarkable surge of 2226.47%, with a total of 3520 buyers participating. In contrast, Cardano (ADA) only managed to attract buyers. Notably, SOL’s NFTs currently hold the 2nd position in CryptoSlam’s rankings, while ADA’s NFTs are positioned 9th.

Despite the traction in buyers, Solana (SOL) NFT sales have seen a decline of 5.90%, settling at $1,115,372. In contrast, Cardano (ADA) NFTs experienced a 25.44% growth but amassed a relatively smaller sales figure of $162,514. In terms of wash trading, Solana NFTs witnessed a rise of 36.55%, translating to $9,193, whereas ADA’s wash trading grew by 20.81%, which amounts to $3,287.

Nevertheless, there are skeptics regarding the significance of SOL’s elevated figures. Rick McCracken, the lead stake pool operator at Digital Fortress, commented that “Solana transactions are cheap, so the volume is easily faked.” McCracken indicated that the surge in numbers might not necessarily indicate a genuine surge in interest toward SOL’s NFTs.

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Ethereum Surpasses Solana By Dominating the NFT World

While Solana has seen heightened activity, Ethereum (ETH) remains a dominant player. Even though ETH experienced a steep 831.57% decline in NFT sales, it still generated sales amounting to $8,929,836. Over the past day, Ethereum recorded 12,150 buyers. Additionally, the value of wash trading on the platform decreased by 7.75%, now standing at $4,151,356.

Coca-Cola has introduced an NFT collection on BASE, which is Coinbase’s Ethereum layer-2 network. The launch of this NFT collection was disclosed by Coinbase on Sunday as a part of their “Onchain Summer” campaign.

The announcement stated: “Coca-Cola is bringing their Global Masterpiece campaign on-chain with iconic works from leading artists.”

The NFT collection combines renowned pieces such as “The Scream” and “Girl with a Pearl Earring” with contemporary creations by Aket and Vikram Kushwah, in addition to the iconic Coca-Cola bottle. This assemblage results in an on-chain collectible. The inspiration for this collection stems from the company’s AI-generated “Masterpiece” advertisement.

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