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Cardano Network Node Outage Quickly Solved Within Minutes 

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On Sunday, an unexpected issue affecting more than 50% of the Cardano network was immediately resolved in minutes.

According to developers, the Cardano network experienced a brief outage on Sunday that was automatically fixed in a matter of minutes, with no single root cause identified as of the time of writing.

Although many developers claimed that all nodes were automatically restarted, they still reported the error on GitHub.

Block-generating nodes were momentarily affected, as seen by a Telegram broadcast message. 

Nodes are network stakeholders that are crucial to the maintenance of any network since they maintain and execute transactions on any blockchain.

A developer creating staking tools for Cardano, Rick McCracken, stated, “There was a brief period of degradation; most nodes impacted had gracefully recovered. No network restart was required.”

Community Called Cardano a Better Blockchain Than Solana

Blockchain nodes have already gone down on networks like Solana; according to reports, one such occurrence last May caused the entire Solana network to be down for more than seven hours. 

Solana validators had to restart the network in a different incident in 2021 to fix a network standstill.

Node failure can occur for various reasons, such as an excess of the transactional activity or flawed code. 

A speedy resolution, however, might signify solid fundamentals for the impacted network. 

The Cardano community applauds the speedy recovery, which claims it is proof that Cardano is a superior blockchain to Solana, which took several hours to repair the network after numerous outages in 2022.

SundaeSwap, a decentralized exchange powered by Cardano, has tweeted through Pi Lanningham, its chief technology officer.

“The real takeaway for me is how impressively resilient the Cardano network is. Something took down ~60% of nodes, and the network recovered in a few minutes and continued producing blocks throughout.”

 The native ADA coins of Cardano have slightly increased in the past 24 hours.

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