Cardano Launches Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Sidechain Alpha on Testnet

Cardano iog

Cardano’s research and development team, Input Output Global (IOG) recently announced the launch of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVN) sidechain Alpha on testnet.

According to IOG, the initiative will allow developers to build different solidity-based applications on the Cardano network, as well as import their solidity apps from Ethereum to Cardano.

“We’re releasing the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) sidechain alpha! (Now on testnet.) Build your Solidity-based applications on Cardano – a decentralized, permissionless, sustainable blockchain. The future is interoperable,” the IOG tweeted.

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Cardano Team Explained Sidechain

There is currently no news on when the Cardano team will launch the EVM sidechain. However, the IOG will set a date after the advanced testing is completed. 

The team published a blog post titled “Interoperability is key to blockchain growth”, which was the first time the EVM sidechain and five other Cardano side chains were discussed.

“IOG is planning to release a new permissionless EVM sidechain this year. This sidechain will allow developers to write Solidity smart contracts on Cardano, create EVM compatible dApps, and ERC20-compatible tokens (and in time, their own sidechains) while gaining many of the benefits of Cardano,” an excerpt of the blog post reads.

IOG noted that users will enjoy faster transactions and lower fees on the sustainable blockchain.

Furthermore, the EVM side chains will be compatible with Ethereum tools and upgrades, Web 3.0 wallets, Ouroboros consensus protocol, and the maximum security inherent in the Cardano mainchain.

Initially, the team shared detailed steps that will help solidity developers gain early access to the EVM sidechain.

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