Cardano is the most sound, secure, and scalable blockchain, according to the founder of Crypto Capital Ventures


Cardano, the largest proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, is quietly presenting itself as the most sound, safe, and scalable blockchain, according to Dan Gambardello, the founder of Crypto Capital Venture.

On the 12th of May, Gambardello tweeted this to his tens of thousands of followers. Hundreds of thousands of people subscribe to his YouTube channel, where he primarily promotes Cardano-related products.

Dan Gambardello tweeted, “Cardano is silently positioning itself as the most sound, secure, & scalable blockchain.”


Cardano blockchain has the potential to thrive

Also on 14th May, Gambardello said on Twitter that “we are watching Cardano blockchain explode with innovation,” and went on to say that “one project which acts as a community-run launchpad is now playing a big role in that innovation. That project is Cardashift.”

Cardashift (CLAP) is a community-run startup accelerator that gathers funding, builds, and accelerates social and environmental startups.

Gambardello commented on Cardano’s (ADA) performance during the recent market capitulation, which saw the values of practically all cryptocurrencies, particularly Terra (LUNA) and TerraUSD (UST), plummet:

“I am 100% aware ADA underperforms in downtrends. People don’t realize that this is one reason I like it so much. Because while it does underperform in downtrends, it outperforms in uptrends. This means that we now have a way undervalued asset with most upside potential.

“This is my take on the market. This is my approach. This is my opinion based on my risk appetite and what I view as compelling opportunity. It’s not advice to anyone to go out and buy ADA. Please be careful out there.”