Cardano Is the Most Held Token in the Bear Market, According to a Survey

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Cardano has proven to be one of the most stable blockchain networks in the industry. It’s stood the test of time. Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, has marketed the cryptocurrency as a strong, futuristic system with a developer team that values diligence over speed.

Cardano is forked every now and then to introduce new features and advance the ecosystem.

This is most likely why it has become so popular. Cardano’s native token is ADA. According to a recent Twitter poll conducted by London Real, Cardano is the most held token in a bear market.

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Cardano receives a score of 77%

In the survey, London Real gave respondents four options to choose from: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and “others.” The survey’s goal was to determine which tokens in the market were held the most by investors during the bear market.

Cardano appears to be more popular than Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other crypto coin. Cardano received 77% of the vote, while Bitcoin and Ethereum received 11% and 5%. Other altcoins received a combined score of 7%. Cardano clearly wins this round based on appearances.

Cardano excited about the project’s progress 

Cardano founder Hoskinson was overjoyed with the results and stated, “Cardano always shows up in force.”

Vasil Hard Fork FOMO possibility

One consistent thing in the crypto market is that investors always choose the project with the greatest near-term potential. Cardano currently fits the bill due to the planned Vasil upgrade on June 29. The upgrade is intended to simplify smart contract support on Cardano.

Every time such an upgrade occurs, Cardano’s price rises by a large margin – bear market or no bear market. This could be the reason for the large number of investors who hold Cardano.

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As previously stated, Cardano is portrayed as a strong network with enormous future potential. The Vasil upgrade will only strengthen this reputation and may result in even more capital flowing into the Cardano/ADA market.

In fact, Cardano is already feeling the effects, according to a BTCC analysis. The coin is currently trading at around $0.63, up 9.8 percent in 24 hours.