Cardano Founder Urges Action After Democrat Committee Crypto Regulation Memo

Charles Hoskinson Invites Bitcoin Ordinals to Utilize Cardano's Scalable Ecosystem

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has criticized the Democrat Committee’s memo on cryptocurrency regulation, calling on voters to prioritize this issue in upcoming elections.

A memo circulated among members of the Democrat Committee before an important hearing on digital asset regulation has caused significant ripples in the cryptocurrency community. The memo has ignited debates and received criticism from notable individuals within the industry.

Charles Hoskinson, the acclaimed entrepreneur and founder of the Cardano blockchain, has strongly criticized a memo issued by the Democrat Committee. He has emphasized the importance of prioritizing this matter as a critical factor for voters in the upcoming election cycle.

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In a recent tweet, Charles Hoskinson conveyed that the most effective approach to halting the government’s regulatory actions on cryptocurrencies is prioritizing it during elections. He urged crypto enthusiasts to vote for candidates who advocate for favorable crypto policies, emphasizing the importance of supporting candidates to counteract what he perceives as regulatory “madness.”

According to the Cardano founder, the Democrat memo indicates the government’s preparation to take stricter actions against cryptocurrencies.

Major Concerns About Democrat Committee’s Stance On Crypto 

Hoskinson’s proactive response is prompted by a memo disclosed by Fox News journalist Eleanor Terrett. The memo, which contains a set of “key messages” intended for Democratic committee members, outlines their position on regulating cryptocurrencies.

As per the document, the notice encouraged members of the Democrat Committee to unite in support of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and its assertion of complete jurisdiction over crypto regulation. The document also highlighted the viewpoint that most cryptocurrencies should be classified as securities. 

Additionally, it emphasized that the primary concern in the crypto industry lies in mass non-compliance rather than ambiguity surrounding regulations.

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Moreover, the notice criticized Republican committee members who proposed budget reductions for financial regulators, insinuating that their intentions did not genuinely prioritize protecting investor interests. It advised them to concentrate on passing a debt ceiling bill without any additional provisions, rather than endorsing legislation supporting cryptocurrency advancement.

The disclosures in the memo have generated significant interest and active participation from the crypto community, amassing over 900k reactions. Industry leaders and experts have expressed their apprehensions regarding the suggested regulatory path, highlighting their concerns about the potential direction of future regulations.

Democrat Senator Endorses Crypto

In the past year, Democratic Senator Ron Wyden openly expressed his endorsement for protecting the cryptocurrency industry. He emphasized the benefits of cryptocurrencies, particularly in facilitating remittances and streamlining settlements. Drawing a comparison to the early days of the internet, he emphasized the importance of establishing legal protections similar to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act for the crypto sector.

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