Cardano Founder Surprised as Vitalik Says “EOS is Ethereum on Steriods” 


Like many other crypto enthusiasts, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson was astonished by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s comments concerning EOS, as many thought he was throwing a jab at the top blockchain network. 

Buterin, conservative about his feelings for a cryptocurrency project, took to Twitter to define EOS while adding sarcastic praise along the line.

In a tweet made by one of the staff, Josh Stark, at the Ethereum Foundation, the user quizzed the crypto community to explain what EOS means.

“Ok, I’ll bite – What’s EOS?” Stark tweeted.

Buterin suddenly commented saying, “Ethereum On Steroids.” 

His remark got much attention from the crypto community, who were surprised by the statement. He went further, saying that the core team of the EOS project learned from the amateurish naivety and idealism of the Ethereum network and ended up building “a team of professional top-talent software developers that created a smart contract platform with much higher scalability and speed.”

Cardano Founder Reacts 

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum and the founder of Cardano, who knows Buterin’s character to an extent, was one of many who showed their surprise at the latter’s comments.

In response to the tweet, Hoskinson asked Buterin if he was okay because the Ethereum co-founder is not known for such controversies.

“V, you OK?” Hoskinson asked.

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Ethereum and EOS Rivery

It is important to note that both Ethereum and EOS have been in some sort of competition in the past few years. EOS is among the blockchains that made an outstanding debut, which earned it the name “Ethereum Killer.”

The hype around the project was massive after it raised a whopping $4 billion via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). However, the once popular blockchain has become a shadow of itself as there seems to be a decline in its usage.

Most developers who started the crypto project at its initial stage have left, while the number of users currently on the network has declined drastically.

Following the challenges of the blockchain, 2019 witnessed Buterin blasting the network, saying the so-called Ethereum Killer is a centralised pile of thrash.

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