Cardano Founder Says That The Project Is Well-Built To Last for Everyone


In response to the recent market trend, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Input Output Global (IOG), stated that Cardano (ADA) is built to be resilient in such a situation. He claims that the premier PoS blockchain project is built to last.

In a video posted just a few hours ago, Hoskinson emphasized why investors must be patient and why Cardano was created with quality in mind rather than rushing to market.

Why Cardano Can Stand the Test of Time

According to Cardano’s founder, a good project is built to last. Next, he discussed Bitcoin’s historical trajectory, littered with bull runs and pullbacks. He claims that these occurrences have made the asset stronger over time.

Hoskinson contrasted Bitcoin to Cardano in terms of quality. He noted that the Cardano community is growing in size, with a rapidly increasing user base.

According to the mathematician, Cardano is also planning to implement a consensus function in its network, which will increase investor participation in system decision-making.

Charles Hoskinson continued:

“Again, basic principles, if you are building something for everyone and you are building it to last, build it well. Even if it takes a little bit more money and a little bit more time, again and again, I have always said that it is not going to be first to market, it is going to be best to market, and those who exhibit stability and resilience in the bad times that survive. 

“That’s why today we are stronger than we’ve ever been in the history of the project. More people than we’ve ever had since the history of the project. Yet that will not be reflected in the media, the prices, or the current atmosphere because it is one of fear, greed, and one that does not care about basic principles.

“Here is the thing, the fair weather people and all those psychos, they get drowned out and the people who stay behind are here for the long term…

“I hear people say that Cardano has no venture capitalists (VCs). What is capitalist? $700 million is ready to go deployed in a responsible manner through terms that you, the community control, and every single time a voting round happens we see more participation, we see more voting in many of the great projects.”