Cardano Founder Mocks Vitalik Buterin in Response to a 5-Year-Old Tweet. 


Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson, created an uproar on Twitter yesterday when he replied to a 5-year-old tweet by Vitalik Buterin with a GIF showing a puzzled look.

In an old tweet posted on June 4, 2017, Buterin stated that Ethereum would shift to Proof-of-Stake within five years and that the Ethereum Casper Protocol would be able to withstand infrequent 51% node attacks, 

The Ethereum founder explained that the network would burn attackers’ holdings rather than capping stakes on a single exchange to 15%.

While it remains unclear why Hoskinson took a swipe at Buterin, a few reasons may apply. Hoskinson could point out that Ethereum has not migrated to Proof-of-Stake for more than five years. Another possibility is that he is raising concerns regarding Ethereum’s decentralization.

However, some Cardano loyalists have rallied under the tweet to have a good laugh. Many users have commented on how uncharacteristic the tweet seems for Hoskinson, while others remain unclear about what the Input Output Global CEO is trying to pinpoint. 

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Cardano vs. Ethereum: Old Partner, Now Rivals 

Interestingly, both founders have a controversial history together. Hoskinson was among the first eight founders of Ethereum who left the group only a few months later due to some disagreement on the direction of the protocol. Nevertheless, Hoskinson and Buterin never miss an opportunity to banter.

The two projects, Cardano and Ethereum, are highly competitive, with Cardano often nicknamed “Ethereum Killer” because the former aims to take advantage of the setbacks plaguing the Ethereum blockchain.

Both blockchains are expected to reach those milestones a few weeks from now,  with a tentative date of September 15 set for the Ethereum Merge that will see it migrate to PoS. 

Ethereum remains the second largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of ($197.48B) while Cardano seats at number eight with a market cap of ($15.59B).

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