Cardano Founder Goes Into Music As He Plans to Feature in Snoop Dogg’s Upcoming Music Video


Cardano’s CEO has taken his mission to spread the good news of Cardano and cryptocurrency to the next level as he is on the verge of teaming up with legendary hip-hop artist and NFT influencer Snoop Dogg alongside his son Champ Medici in a new music video.

The song “Bron and Bronny” features on Snoop Dogg’s new album, Death Row Summer 2022. Toward the song’s end, Snoop Dogg echoed Cardano’s non-fungible token (NFT) project Clay Nation as a means of creating awareness.

Champ Medici Gives a Shout Out to the Cardano Boss

A week ago, Medici tagged Hoskinson on Twitter, drawing his attention to the song by saying:

“Yo Charles @IOHK_Charles, how you like your shoutout on the new @SnoopDogg @deathrowmusic album.”

He continued that he and his father have started making a video for the song and would love Hoskinson to be a part of the music project. Surprisingly, Hoskinson responded almost confidently to state that he was interested in the project.

“let’s Figure It Out.”

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The exchange between the crypto enthusiasts drew the attention of Bad Boys star Martin Lawrence, who shared a screenshot of Champ Medici and Hoskinson’s tweet saying:

“Dope – ADA Cardano.”

Hoskinson to Build a Cardano Army

It looks like Hoskinson will mainly feature in the video because the initiative will further promote Cardano to more people who are fans of both Champ Medici and Snoop Dogg. With many music fans falling under the Gen Z demographic, Hoskinson hopes the video will run its course musically and strategically.

As reported earlier, Hoskinson noted that Cardano will always take advantage of every opportunity it gets to win the hearts of many.

Hoskinson commented in response to a critic who slammed him for having an interview with famous crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong.

“I guess I’m old-fashioned, but I’ve always felt that where there is a microphone and an audience, that’s an opportunity to win some hearts and minds. Cardano needs an army to change the world, and we aren’t going to build it only by talking through the blameless and pure,” Hoskinson said.

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