Cardano Founder Fears Rumours May Hurt Vasil Hard Fork’s Launch This Year


Cardano chief Charles Hoskinson has been unimpressed with the information circulating concerning the long-awaited upgrade, Vasil Hard Fork. As a result, he had a few words for some Stake Pool Operators (SPO) for bringing the blockchain platform’s private issues to the public. 

Hoskinson believed these issues aired by the SPOs via the media could negatively haunt the launch’s success and the entire ecosystem.

Hoskinson stated:

“The headlines are now catastrophic bug Cardano. And that is what will stick in consumers’ minds, and it will take a lot of marketing and discussion to be able to get that to unstick,” 

“you read about them (testnet) in the crypto media they’re not big events, and they in no way, in any way harm Cardano itself no funds have been lost, no keys have been hacked, no nodes have collapsed. Right now today, transactions are being processed on Cardano just like they were the day before… now people are saying  Vasil is probably not going to launch this year is bizarre because we are almost there.” He added.

The Cardano founder felt the information might prompt ADA investors to believe that the Vasil hard fork would be ready next year. However, for Hoskinson, it is bizarre to think Vasil will not be going live this year, as the upgrade is almost close to launching. 

The blockchain executive is confident that Vasil will go live this year once 75% of SPOs upgrade to the recently-launched node 1.35.3. 

“Vasil features are there, they work, they have been tested thoroughly, and there is a high degree of confidence in them. So there is no reason for Vasil not to get over the finish line imminently, “ Hoskinson said. 

Unsurprisingly, consumers are moved by information concerning a product, and negative comments could affect its effectiveness in the market.

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Cardano Testnet Issues Would Not Affect Upgrade

Hoskinson added that SPOs who seem to have issues with node 1.35.3 need to be specific on what they want to test. He said extensive testing has already been done on Vasil by top professionals who have been in the game of testing projects for a long time. 

He added that the fact nodes 1.35.1 and 1.35.2 testnet failed does not mean Vasil will not run smoothly on the mainnet. 

Charles Hoskinson stated:

“Testnets are constructed and destroyed all the time in this industry. That’s [testnet’s] point; they are used to playing around with things and breaking things […] [Failed testnets] will in no way harm Cardano itself,”   

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