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Cardano founder criticizes Buterin for suggesting a new Twitter CEO

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Buterin and Hoskinson are still at odds with one another.

Yesterday, when Vitalik Buterin shared his thoughts on the search for a new Twitter CEO, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson appeared to take a subtle shot at his fellow Ethereum co-founder.

Buterin urges Elon Musk not to make a hasty decision. He pleaded with Elon Musk to avoid hastily choosing a replacement. 

The co-founder of Ethereum claims from personal experience that making a hasty decision could have disastrous results.

The observation comes after Musk said he would like to leave his position as CEO of Twitter once he finds “someone foolish enough to take the job.”

In response to criticism of recent unilateral policy changes on the microblogging platform, the billionaire on Sunday started a poll to see if people thought he should resign. 

Over 17.5 million people participated in the survey, and 57% wanted the Twitter CEO to go. 

In an apparent subtle barb at his fellow Ethereum co-founder Buterin, Hoskinson responded to Buterin by saying that he shared the same viewpoint.

Hoskinson retorted, “That’s funny, thought the same thing.”

Two Angles to Hoskinson’s Response

Although the context could be clearer, there are two plausible perspectives. For starters, the two founders have supported two different problem-solving philosophies in the past.

According to comments by Buterin in a Lex Friedman podcast in June of last year, he favored a more realistic—though imperfect—solution to get more done more quickly. 

Hoskinson supports the thorough study process and cites the hazards in the cryptocurrency business.

As a result, Hoskinson may be highlighting the irony in Buterin supporting a systematic and deliberate approach, the exact one that Cardano has drawn criticism for from the de facto Ethereum leader.

It’s important to note that Hoskinson briefly worked as Ethereum’s CEO in the beginning to provide more background. 

However, he departed (or was fired, depending on who you quote) due to conflicts about the network’s direction. 

Buterin has assumed the role of a de facto leader since he departed the project.

According to recent comments, Hoskinson probably thinks Ethereum is already experiencing the disastrous effects he spoke of in his reaction to the Lex Friedman podcast. 

Recently, Hoskinson compared Ethereum to Hotel California and The Shining.

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