Cardano Examines Three Critical Mass Indicators Before The Vasil Hardfork


The Ethereum Merge is complete, and the crypto ecosystem is anticipating the next major upgrade. Cardano’s Vasil hardfork is less than a day away, and the clock is ticking. The upgrade, for its part, will improve network performance by increasing throughput, script efficiency and lowering block transmission latency.

An announcement made on Twitter by Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) stated that the team has now met all three critical mass indicators. 

The Vasil node currently generates more than 98% of mainnet blocks. TLV has confirmed that the top Cardano decentralized applications are ready for the event. Top exchanges are making good progress on their updates, with 39 already upgraded. As a result, IOHK claimed,

“… we are confident we will be able to trigger the hard fork at the appropriate time…. Once everyone is comfortable and ready, in close collaboration with the Cardano Foundation, the IOG team will trigger the upgrade for the Cardano mainnet. “

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The Grand Finale Has Begun

Vasil’s capabilities have been used to run the preview test environment for some period successfully. The community will be able to carry out final-stage integration/upgrade testing because the aforementioned environment is configured to match the mainnet.

According to significant dates, the mainnet update is scheduled to occur at 21:45 UTC on epoch 365 today. The current era will end in roughly 16 hours and 48 minutes, according to statistics from Cardanoscan, at which point the transition will start.

As a result, the Cardano network divides time into periods known as epochs. An epoch lasts roughly five days. It follows that an epoch would conclude in the middle of Friday if it began in the middle of Sunday.

However, the Plutus V2 cost model will also be made available on the mainnet after 22 September, when the new epoch begins on the 27th.

Confirming the same, IOHK’s blog post noted,

September 22nd (epoch 365 at 21:45 UTC) – Vasil Mainnet HFC event (era transitions from Alonzo -> Babbage) 

September 27th (epoch 366 at 21:45 UTC) – Plutus V2 Cost Model available on Mainnet

Cardano’s native token, ADA, has been relatively stable in terms of price. On a daily basis, it was down about 3% and trading at $0.443 at press time.

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