Cardano Dapps Are Now Available on Android


Flint wallet revealed in a tweet on Monday that as part of its latest update, Android users can now access their favorite Cardano dApps using the app’s dApp browser.

“The new Flint update for Android brings several new features. The top one is a dApp browser to connect to dApps in the Cardano ecosystem,” the company says in its announcement.

The Cardano community has reacted positively to the news, with several users expressing an interest in switching to the wallet. “I’m going to switch to any wallet that has a dApp connector AND Bluetooth Ledger support first!” In the comments, a user wrote.

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The Flint Wallet iOS App

It’s worth noting that Flint wallet released the same features for iOS users just a few weeks ago. Notably, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson supported the announcement. Because of the Flint updates, users can now access Cardano dApps from their Flint wallet app, which is a significant milestone.

Notably, the Cardano ecosystem has a developing dApp ecosystem and community. Furthermore, its dApp ecosystem is about to explode as the long-awaited Vasil hard fork approaches.

The upgrade is expected to improve scalability and smart contracting significantly. Pipelining and changes to Cardano’s smart contract programming language Plutus are among the new features that will be introduced with the hard fork. Notably, over 1000 dApps in development are eagerly awaiting the upgrade to take advantage of these new features.

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Even though users expected the Vasil hard fork to be released at the end of July, developers chose to delay it for several weeks. On the other hand, Hoskinson has assured users that there will be no further delays, stating that the hard fork is in the final stages of testing.

Cardano is trading at $0.5102, down 4.52 percent in the last 24 hours but up 1.02 percent in the previous seven days.