Burn Rate Rises by 1000%; 135M Shiba Burnt in 24 Hours

Burn Rate Rises by 1000%; 135M Shiba Burnt in 24 Hours
Burn Rate Rises by 1000%; 135M Shiba Burnt in 24 Hours

In the last 24 hours, more than 134.95 million Shiba Inu were destroyed, including 127.82 million in a single transaction. The burn rate on SHIB increases by 1069%.

Shibburn.com, the first-ever dedicated SHIB Burn Project, has announced that it had successfully removed a mind-boggling 127,821,443 (127.82M) SHIB from circulation in a single transaction.

Shibburn.com announced in a different tweet that they would burn more SHIB after receiving cash from Shibburn Radio commercials and Super Followers. 


Shiba Inu’s burn rate increased dramatically over the previous day by 1069.23% due to this extensive burn.

Shibburn.com says that over the last 24 hours, the Community destroyed 134.95 Million SHIB through 10 different transactions.

Since June 2021, Shibburn.com has been committed to lowering the enormous amount of Shiba Inus in circulation. 

The SHIB Burn Project established three revenue streams, including Twitter Super Followers, Shibburn.com, and Shibburn Radio, and committed 40% of its profits to burning Shiba Inus.

410,382,801,110,109 (410.38T) SHIB has been burned thus far from the initial supply of 1 quadrillion, according to data published by Shibburn.com. 

The entire supply of SHIB is 589,617,198,889,890 (589.61T) as of this writing, whereas the amount that is currently in circulation is 562,398,375,099,183 (562.39T) SHIB, with 27,218,823,790,707 (27.21T) SHIB staked into ShibaSwap.


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