Binance Welcomes Cardano Node Update As Vasil Hard Fork Launch Approaches


Cardano investors on the Binance exchange have more reason to smile as the Input-Output Global (IOG) noted that the leading crypto exchange worldwide is preparing for the Vasil hard fork.

According to a tweet by the IOG, Binance has started upgrading its Cardano nodes in anticipation of the Vasil hard fork.

“Binance has announced they are updating their Cardano Nodes, so we’re on the way… kudos to the cardano exchange team for supporting this process.”

Could Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Be A Game-Changer?

Interestingly, the Vasil hard fork remains one of the most anticipated upgrades in the crypto space this year. The upgrade will solve Cardano’s security, scalability and smart contract performance issues. Additionally, developers will be able to build more efficient and secure decentralised applications (dApps) on the network.

Nevertheless, there have been delays in the upgrade unveiling due to the discovery of bugs in one of the nodes, according to IOG Chief Charles Hoskinson. The upgrade failed to launch at the end of July because developers noticed bugs in node 1.35.0 that resulted in three different versions of the script after extensive testing.

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Developers have since decided on node 1.35.3 as the final node version for the upgrade, and preparations for the upgrade look to be progressing accordingly.

So far, the IOG noted that while no need bugs are found in the system, only nine minor bugs remain in the backlog, meaning that the hard fork is ready for launch. This development comes after over 40% of the block-producing stake pool operators (SPOs) are already running on node 1.35.3, representing a 10% increase in 48%.

The IOG also added that the team’s target for the hard fork’s launch is 75%, and overall, 57% of the nodes on the network’s mainnet run on node 1.35.3. On the other hand, dApps are also thriving as the team noted that four of the top ten Cardano dApps by TVL are running thorough tests with node 1.35.3 on the testnet.

Cardano Boss Shows Concerns About Rumours

In the past week, Hoskinson had a few words for some Stake Pool Operators (SPO) for bringing the blockchain platform’s private issues to the public. Furthermore, he believed these issues aired by the SPOs via the media could negatively haunt the launch’s success and the entire ecosystem.

However, recent announcements indicate that the team is unfazed and on track to carry out the upgrade when all set metrics are met. Notably, earlier in the month, the team stated that getting things right was the top priority.

Sentiment Feed noted on August 16 that Cardano sentiment is at its most buoyant since April.

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