Binance Twitter Survey Ranks LUNC as the 2nd Most Supported Crypto

Binance Twitter Survey Ranks LUNC as the 2nd Most Supported Crypto
Binance Twitter Survey Ranks LUNC as the 2nd Most Supported Crypto

On Twitter, Terra Classic is one of the most popular cryptocurrency projects. The recent Binance survey ranks Terra Classic (LUNC) higher above BNB and CAKE.

The cryptocurrency community was invited to reveal their preferred cryptocurrency project as part of an ongoing study made by Binance.

Participants must include the Binance hashtag and the ticker of their preferred cryptocurrency project in posts, comments, or tweets. 

The survey aims to identify which cryptocurrency on Twitter has the most support.

According to the results, LUNC is currently the second-most-supported cryptocurrency on Twitter. 

LUNC currently has 3.5k total votes, placing it ahead of the following cryptocurrencies, according to information provided by Binance,: Galxe, eCash, PancakeSwap, and Binance Coin (BNB) (GAL). However, after receiving 12.8k votes, Bitcoin took the top slot.

Terra Classic is Now a Community-Driven Project

Following the breakdown of the Terra ecosystem in May, LUNC changed into a project run by the local community. 

LUNC holders have shown their support for the coin on numerous social media channels to encourage more individuals to adopt cryptocurrencies.

Gokhshtein Media founder David Gokhshtein criticised Terra Classic investors earlier this week for unwittingly causing the cryptocurrency to trend on Twitter. 

He claimed that after noticing the Bitcoin trend on the microblogging platform, he felt enticed to buy it. But at the last second, he stopped. 

Terra Rebels retorted that they were working on something enormous to counter Gokhshtein.

Terra Crash Victims Have Sought Ways to Revive it

Terra crash victims have looked for ways to bring the coin back from the dead. Reducing the token’s total supply through burns is the best strategy for LUNC holders to increase the token’s value. 

The complete Terra Classic supply has been burned down to a value of 24.16 billion LUNC, or $5.95 million.

Remember, Binance has been a key player in the continuing LUNC burn. The exchange has backed grassroots initiatives to resurrect cryptocurrencies. 

The system to collect and burn all fees earned from LUNC trading activity was implemented by Binance last month. The project has already cost the exchange about 12.2 billion LUNC.

A TerraCVita member has recently indicated that a Terra Classic DEX will be released shortly. 

As developers reveal code to Re-Open IBC on Terra Classic, The LUNC Chain is also one step closer to complete Cosmos interoperability.

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