Binance, FTX, Bitstamp, and Whales All Moved 492 million XRP

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High-net-worth investors have moved 492,942,004 (492.94 million) Ripple tokens in the most recent round of sizable XRP transactions, according to Whale Alert.

Notably, these big XRP transactions occurred just a few hours after Ripple locked 1.2 billion XRP in its Escrow wallet.

67,509,674 (67.5 million) XRP were transferred from FTX to an address on Binance in three separate transactions, according to the cryptocurrency whale tracking service. The value of the 67.5 million XRP coins at the time of the transaction was approximately $30.42 million.

Intriguingly, the Binance user transferred 68,761,155 (68.7 million) XRP worth almost $31 million to an unidentified wallet. The huge transfer took place in three different transactions. 

A partner of Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service, Bitstamp exchange, received 25 million XRP coins ($11.51 million) fourteen hours ago.

140 million XRP were transferred by an anonymous whale from one unidentified wallet to another. When Whale Alert reported the deal, its value was $62.97 million.

Additionally, an unidentified whale also sent 25 million XRP coins, or about $11.3 million, to an address on the Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange.

The cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp saw an unidentified whale withdraw 23,371,175 (23.37 million) XRP tokens worth $10.56 million, according to Whale Alert.

Sixty million XRP coins ($27.34 million) were transferred from an unidentified wallet to a Bitso address.

One hour later, an unidentified whale withdrew 83.4 million XRP ($37.82 million) from the Bitso exchange.

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More Whales Are Interested in XRP

Whale interest in XRP has increased further as developments in the SEC lawsuit appear to be favoring Ripple. As previously mentioned, several organizations have expressed their commitment to Ripple by submitting amicus papers in support of the company’s motion for summary judgment.

Online digital wallet service Cryptillian Payment Systems has also asked to submit an amicus brief in support of Ripple.

At the time of publication, the price of XRP is $0.45. Even though it is a pittance compared to its prior $3.4, many anticipate that once the dispute is resolved in Ripple’s favor, XRP will fly over its previous all-time high. 

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