Billy Markus, the Founder of Dogecoin, Berates Saylor for Over-Praising Bitcoin


The co-founder of Dogecoin, Billy Markus, has sent insults at the Former MicroStrategy Billionaire for his constant glorification of Bitcoin. 

It all began when Michael Saylor posted a tweet yesterday where he said, “Bitcoin (BTC) is a miracle happening right before our eyes.” 

The tweet, however, got a series of engagements from Bitcoin whales and several other cryptocurrency lovers, which includes the Dogecoin co-founder, Markus.

Response From Billy Markus

The MicroStrategy Chair tweet prompted a reply from Markus where he said: Bitcoin is literally more of a miracle than of childbirth. Markus, however, suggested that Saylor should sell his child for Bitcoin. 

In addition, Marcos made it known that he doesn’t believe Bitcoin is the most fantastic thing in the universe’s history. 

“Arbitrary hash strings are literally the most interesting thing in the history of the universe,” Marcus noted.

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The Dogecoin creator appears to be fed up with Saylor’s constant adoration of Bitcoin, which he thinks is exaggerated. Saylor has always advocated for the world’s largest cryptocurrency due to its 24-hour trade volume.

The MicroStrategy Billionaire constantly seizes every opportunity to advocate for the widespread adoption of Bitcoin, as he believes the asset class will usher in financial independence for everyone.

No Comment 

Being among the biggest holders of Bitcoin, he has distanced himself from being associated with any other cryptocurrency project. 

Saylor stated in May 2021 that it is unwise to leave Dogecoin to one’s grandchildren.

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In reaction to Elon Musk’s public endorsement of the meme coin, Saylor stated during an interview. ”I don’t think you’re going to want to leave Dogecoin to your grandson or your granddaughter.”

The MicroStrategy Chair also declined to comment on Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin in another interview.

“I have no opinions about one dog coin vs. another dog coin. I stay in my lane, Emily. Bitcoin,” he said. However, Saylor’s constant promotion of Bitcoin has prompted the Dogecoin co-founder to question if he has a life outside the top asset class. 

“Michael Saylor do you have any interests or activities or do anything at all other than Bitcoin,” Marcus said.