Best Travel Websites Accepting Crypto Payments

Best Travel Websites Accepting Crypto Payments
Best Travel Websites Accepting Crypto Payments

Cryptocurrencies are no longer limited to geeks and fintech experts. No other sector of the global economy is growing like cryptocurrencies. The crypto industry could be worth $4.94 billion by 2030.

People have broad views about cryptocurrencies. Some see it as the future of money; others see it as nothing more than a bubble economy. Without taking an extreme stance, it is safe to say that cryptocurrencies are a growing economic force of our time.

Big companies are trying to get their fair share of the global crypto market. Some of the biggest players in the market, like Tesla and Square Inc., are heavily invested in cryptocurrencies.

In this article, we will be discussing the best travel websites accepting Crypto payments

What is a Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digital and decentralised medium of trade. It can be used to buy and sell items and serve as a long-term value store. This is a completely new realm of currency, vastly different from the currencies familiar to the general public, who are still accustomed to digital transactions with national currencies. These digital transactions imply money movement without the need for real currency transfers, which was the standard in the pre-digital period.

Best Travel Websites Accepting Crypto Payments

1. is Bitcoin’s own booking platform. It looks like any other booking platform that we generally use to get our tickets and book our hotels. However, is set apart by its reliability and wide range of options. is an authoritative name in the domain of cryptocurrency-based travel websites. The most impressive feature of is its payment options page. In addition to paying with almost any established cryptocurrency, you also get a real-time metric of their performance. You can see everything from a cryptocurrency’s price to its market cap. 

You get impressive discounts from time to time on Using this platform for your travel requirements can save you a lot of money in the long run. Bitointravel has been featured in major media houses like New York Times, CNBC, and Forbes. is often the first platform that comes to mind when talking about cryptocurrency-based travel websites. With its impressive performance over the years, it deserves a spot on this list.

2. Travala

Travala was founded as a block-chain based travel booking platform, so it comes as no surprise that it offers the most flexibility in cryptocurrency payment options in addition to accepting traditional credit and debit cards. It lets you use almost any digital currency to book from a selection of over two million different hotels, flights, and other travelling accommodations across the globe.

Choose bookings from 230 countries and territories up to 40% cheaper than competing travel platforms. Travala will also refund the difference if you find a lower price on a different booking website.

Travala further distinguishes itself by hosting a native cryptocurrency on its platform, the AVA token. It incentivises the use of the token with benefits such as discounts on your bookings, bonus rewards, and a loyalty program to foster a healthy internal economy. Australian travellers can even use AVA to pay for phone bills, car registration, rent, etc.

3. Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines is not on our list only because it accepts payments in crypto but also because it is one of the best flight booking platforms. Founded in 2006, the company has grown in strides over the years. With the integration of crypto payment options, it is fast becoming the favourite flight searching and booking platform for cryptocurrency users. 

Alternative Airlines has impressive performance stats that can give any travel company a run for its money. Whether you want simple round trip tickets or wish to go on a complex multi-city itinerary, Alternative Airlines does the job for you. You can pay with more than 160 currencies Alternative Airlines. Not only that, they have more than 40 international payment gateways available. 

In terms of features and functionalities, Alternative Airlines is the best you can find on the internet. When a company has an average customer rating of 4.4/5, it must be doing something right. You should check out Alternative Airlines the next time you want to buy flight tickets with cryptocurrency. Their platform supports all major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ether, or Litecoin.

4. Destinia

Destinia gives you a convenient travel experience with several options available. It has no limitations on using Bitcoins to book hotels, flights, cars, buses, trains, or even skiing trips in over 90 countries. This website lets you enter your budget parameters and organise activities and locations to create thematic vacations ranging from festivals to honeymoons.

Using Bitcoins to travel with Destinia is even more convenient with a travel app available through the Google Play store. It accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance USD, and Circle USD Coin. You can pay with these cryptocurrencies or other options from its 76 available currencies for the best prices chosen from more than 500 available airlines and 500,000 hotels internationally. Destinia’s search options let you select your cryptocurrency when searching for flights or use the GoCoin module at checkout.

5. TravelbyBit

TravelbyBit is partnered with Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the US, so it is no surprise that you can use Bitcoin and other digital currencies to book flights and hotels through it. This website lets you compare airfare listed in your fiat currency of choice before purchasing with cryptocurrency. You can also earn up to 10% rewards in Bitcoin when you frequently travel with this company.

In addition to Bitcoin, TravelbyBit also accepts Binance Coin, Litecoin, and Tether, along with more traditional payment methods. All cryptocurrencies will also earn you a 1.5% discount on your credit card fees. TravelbyBit is more convenient than other booking agencies that accept cryptocurrencies because it is a registered digital currency exchange provider. Instead of relying on third parties to process your payments, this website will directly convert your cryptocurrency into fiat currency to complete your booking.

6. CheapAir

CheapAir finds you affordable rates for flights, hotels, and car rentals by searching through significantly more low fare options that other websites might miss. Filtering options include types of flights, departure and arrival locations, and the ability to choose between a fixed date or flexible dates, making it easy to travel on a budget. You can also sign up for the FareTracker to receive immediate notifications when fares for your planned locations change.

In addition to offering pay-over-time plans with low APR and price drop paybacks that give you credit if your fares become cheaper after your purchase, CheapAir lets you pay with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

7. Surf Air

Surf Air operates a little differently than most airline sites. Surf Air is the “first private air travel club of its kind offering all-you-can-fly service for one monthly fee.”

Rather than book a single flight on this site, you sign up for a membership, pay the monthly fee, and book as many flights as you wish month to month! It is one of the growing private airlines accepting Bitcoin payments.

If you are a frequent traveller of any kind, whether, for business or personal leisure, this site is for you.

8. AirBaltic

AirBaltic was the world’s first commercial airline to accept Bitcoin back in 2014. It’s a Latvian airline that connects most Baltic State capitals, including Riga, Tallinn, and Vilnius.

Use your Bitcoin to purchase their GREEN and GREEN Plus flight tickets as long as they are booked at least five days ahead of the scheduled departure date.

The company uses BitPay to process the transaction, converting your Bitcoin into Euros to finalise the payment. You can also customise your ticket to include only the services you wish to pay for.

9. WebJet Exclusives

Based in Australia, WebJet Exclusives is the first online travel agency in Australia to accept Bitcoins.

Ready for your next adventure? Definitely, check out this site, find some great deals, and send those imaginary coins to pay for your travels.

10. aBitSky

Car deals, hotels, and airline tickets can all be paid for using Bitcoin on this site. The website lets you find vacation deals, long-haul flights, and the cheapest flights available.

Prices are in Bitcoin, and you don’t need to calculate anything or convert the currencies to make your payment. The payments are easy and secure, making the site one of the best on the internet that accepts digital currency.


The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies is making travelling easier than ever. Whether you want to complete international transactions quickly or crave the security of public blockchain technologies, more and more travelling companies are accepting your digital currency for flights worldwide.

The travel and tourism sector is showing immense promise in incorporating cryptocurrency into its ecosystem. Our list of travel websites accepting crypto payments is not exhaustive. There are more platforms out there transacting in cryptocurrencies.