BabyDoge Releases First Play to Earn Game on Decentraland


BabyDoge, the third leading memecoin, just announced the launch of its first Play-to-Earn game on Petaverse, a pet division of the leading metaverse platform, Decentraland. This development was disclosed to the community on Wednesday via Twitter. 

Therefore, users can access their favourite dog-themed NFTs, earn free tokens, and unlock exciting packages at the first P2E Pet Park in the digital universe. In addition, the memecoin NFT holders can make 250% boasted rewards in the games and access about 10,000 tokenised assets on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The NFTs are designed from more than 200 possible pet traits, including eyes, mouth, headwear, and fur clothing. 

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More Development For BabyDoge

The memecoin, built by the Dogecoin community, has shown that it has what it takes to stand out in the crypto market. 

The dog-themed token recently announced its long-awaited swap is ready to launch in a tweet on Wednesday, adding that its TestNet would go live in less than a week, giving lucky users the chance to be beta testers.

Furthermore, the doggy meme token reveals that its DEX will provide users with more than just the ability to exchange one Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token for another. 

According to the memecoin, users will also be able to farm and stake their tokens using the swap. In addition, users would also be able to hold the coin for less money and receive a free token locker.

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