Baby Doge Hits New Twitter Milestone Surpasses 50K Users on Discord

Baby Doge Swap

One of the top memecoins, Baby Doge, has gained popularity in the cryptocurrency market thanks to its coin value and recent project developments. Recently, the Baby Doge community has increased as more followers join the movement. 

The official Twitter page of Baby Doge announced that it reached a milestone of over 1.15 million followers on the platform.

Not only did Baby Doge’s number of Twitter followers increase, but the Discord community also hit a new high as they recorded over 50,000 members. This update was made by 

@BabyDogeNFTs and was retweeted by @BabyDogeCoin.

What to Expect From Baby Doge 

The memecoin has not lived up to its hype this year. Baby Doge impressively skyrocketed during the first two weeks of January, but the coin began to drop in value from the third week and has been crashing ever since then.

Many factors lead to the Baby Doge’s poor performance, and being a dog coin with no actual use case has been the biggest challenge. This project has no utility, so it is not attracting investors like other significant projects.

Therefore, the Baby Doge team needs to start working on the project’s utility and not just the token. Like other memecoins, the Babydoge team needs to build products that have use cases in the real world.