Anonymous User Donates $19K to Terra Rebels to Revive LUNC

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Terra Rebels, a decentralized organization dedicated to revitalizing the Terra Classic ecosystem, has received overwhelming support from the Terra Classic community. Community members have encouraged the organization to continue its efforts to restore the value of LUNC in various ways.

An interesting development occurred when an anonymous Terra Classic supporter donated $19,520 to Terra Rebels to support the ongoing LUNC revival effort.

Terra Rebels announced the news on Twitter, calling the financial donation “extremely generous.”

“There was an extremely generous donation made towards TerrRebels OpenCollective. Whoever this is, please DM us so we can formally thank you for your generosity and contribution to help us continue to serve the LUNC community,” Terra Rebels said.

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LUNC Investors React

According to the transaction details, the financial contribution was made yesterday by a user known as Orquda. Before the large transaction, the user had donated $254 to Terra Rebels’ Open Collective, bringing the user’s total donation to $19,775.

At the time of writing, the donor’s true identity was unknown. The Terra Classic community, on the other hand, has expressed gratitude to the anonymous donor.

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Terra Rebels LUNC Revival Efforts

Several supporters have contributed financially to the Terra Open Collective program since its inception. At the time of publication, 146 people had contributed financially to the program, with Orquda being the largest donor, with a total donation of $19,775.

Neblio also made a significant financial contribution to the project of $9,984.

Following the demise of the Terra project in May, Terra Rebels and investors have been working to resurrect the classic blockchain and tokens through open-source code contributions.

The team previously shared a road map for reviving LUNC value. Additionally, Terra Rebels revealed plans last week to launch a more effective way to burn Luna Classic tokens, as the current 1.2% tax burn proposal is insufficient to burn the tokens as expected.

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