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A Validator Burns 100% of His LUNC Commissions, Millions of Terra Classic Burnt

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Classy Crypto burned all his terra classic Validator Commission for the month and all the revenue from LUNC video ads on YouTube.

Classy Crypto, a well-known member of the Terra Classic (LUNC) community and seasoned YouTuber, recently showed his dedication to the LUNC burn campaign by burning in one burn transaction 100% of the commission earned from operating his LUNC validator, Classy’s Crypto Sphere, along with additional tokens.

In the late hours of Tuesday, Classy announced the development on his official Twitter account. 

The tweet states that 8M LUNC in total commission was made from running the validator. Nevertheless, the influencer burned up to 12.7 million LUNC tokens because he also burned some extras.

“LUNC BURN TIME!  WE’VE OFFICIALLY BURNT 100% OF OUR LUNC VALIDATOR COMMISSION (8M) & SOME EXTRA! 13 MILLION LUNA CLASSIC HAS BEEN BURNT (after .2% tax),” In the tweet, Classy made a comment and provided a link to Terra Finder as proof of the transaction

Other community members were encouraged by Classy to delegate to his validator, Classy’s Crypto Sphere.

Other Commendable Actions by Classy

A few hours later, Classy revealed that he had made another suitable choice. 

He claims his crew also burned all the advertising revenue generated from his Terra Classic YouTube videos in December.

 “FUN FACT: I also burnt all of the ad revenue our LUNC videos on YouTube have generated this month,” he revealed in a separate tweet.

The majority of the community has warmly welcomed the announcement, and many supporters have praised the influencer’s efforts to assist the burn project. 

Some others have also said they want to delegate to his validator as a token of gratitude.

In addition to the most recent contribution, Classy has been a prominent contributor to the LUNC community, providing commentary on the asset’s advancements through his YouTube channel and Twitter account. 

Last Friday, he outlined a few steps that would hasten Terra Classic’s ascent to the $1 pricing point, as previously reported.

Recent Terra Classic Burns

The community has seen up to 13.1M tokens burn in the last day, making Classy’s most recent burn transaction the largest single burn in the previous 24 hours. 

The burn campaign is still going strong, and donations are flooding in from all directions to ensure the asset supply is decreased.

Over 15M tokens were burnt over the weekend, as disclosed on Monday. Following the most recent burns, the total burn, including tax burns, is at 36,227,954,281 (36.2B) tokens. 

The number of tokens that must be burned for the asset to reach $0.01 was revealed by a Terra validator last Friday. 2 trillion LUNC tokens are the current estimate.

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