A Complete Guide on the MSME Ecosystem and MSMECOIN

A Complete Guide on the MSME Ecosystem and MSMECOIN
A Complete Guide on the MSME Ecosystem and MSMECOIN

The advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has transformed the world of finance and economy. Many sectors around the world are now adopting blockchain technology to improve their method of operation. 

Today every business looks for competitive ways to take advantage of their market. This is why most businesses use blockchain technology to smoothen workflow and create impeccable trust amongst each other. Micro, small, and medium enterprises struggle to succeed among the big dogs in the niche market. To help micro small and medium enterprises thrive, MSME is a blockchain platform that builds innovative products and features to bridge this gap. This article highlights how MSME works and how you can participate in this ecosystem.

What is MSME?

MSMEs is a blockchain system aimed at assisting micro, small, and medium-sized businesses in their growth. It offers a variety of products to help firms obtain funding and prosper in a highly competitive industry. The MSME ecosystem has so many features that help businesses thrive in the market. 

One of such features is MSME Finance. MSME finance allows businesses to get funding from possible investors. Truss, a Defi product, is used to create this innovative financing system. Truss is a platform that allows businesses to acquire money while also ensuring that investors are rewarded for their contributions.

The MSME blockchain uses a two-system model. The first is a trust system that combines centralized and decentralized network infrastructures to supply P2P products and services via MSMEs Apps. The second is a trustless system that makes use of a fully decentralized data multi-blockchain infrastructure to supply peer-to-peer products and services via MSMEs Apps.

Both systems work together to give businesses access to the greatest blockchain-based services. MSMEs applications are an important part of the MSMEs ecosystem, and they are based on a three-network design that incorporates a centralized, distributed, and decentralized system.

The apps will have a variety of functionalities and will be able to conduct transactions in numerous currencies and blockchains. Businesses will integrate the apps into their systems and benefit from reduced transaction fees and quick confirmation times.

Another feature is the MSME Academy. The MSMEs Academy takes a more straightforward approach to education by ensuring that MSMEs have a solid understanding of how to take advantage of opportunities in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

The MSMEs Network is a marketing framework built by MSMEs to encourage the use of MSMEs Apps. Network Managers, Network Cooperatives, NGOs, and influencers are among the four key actors in this unique network architecture. Each member plays a unique role in the networking system and will collaborate to promote MSMEs apps and services in exchange for prizes. MSMEs token allocation and transaction fee sharing are used to pay participants.

With its MSMEs Financing offering, MSMEs is also redefining crypto investment securities. MSMEs Financing was established as a proof-of-concept (POC) mechanism to assure proper financing for small and medium-sized businesses.

MSMEs incorporates its decentralized financing solution Truss, which allows frictionless access to credit while ensuring security for investors and businesses, to achieve these goals.


MSMEs Coin is a utility currency that powers the MSMEs ecosystem’s products and services. MSMECOIN holders can use it to finance their accounts, make group contributions, pay fees, donate to Truss Vault, and use the saving and staking services on MSME. 

With a limited supply of 10,000,000,000,000,000 MSMECOIN, small, micro, and medium businesses can take advantage of the MSME ecosystem to reach thousands of enterprises globally. 

How to Buy MSMECOIN from PancakeSwap on Trust Wallet

In an era where businesses use every possible means to improve their workflow, blockchain technology has become a means towards that end. MSME is a blockchain project that focuses on helping small and medium businesses thrive in a competitive market. 

With its endless products, such as its DeFi finance system, MSME Academy, and staking services, small and medium businesses now have access to financing and crypto education to help them compete with the very best in their sectors. 

The MSMECOIN is a utility token that allows small and medium businesses to save and stake their funds in the MSME project. MSMECOIN is available on different exchanges such as PancakeSwap and Coinsbit. This article highlights how you can buy your MSMECOIN on PancakeSwap using Trust wallet.

Steps on How to Create Your Trust Wallet

  • Step 1– Go to Google Playstore or Apple Store on your phone and search for Trust wallet. Select the first one that comes up, then download and install it on your phone.
4Tjgwq8RmsGT9qHemOVUrJvL5tWwA4Z8vDfh2k9xkfhvg32U VZQ7 7t8tYlnXm4ob2qgWUtUlQb8C1gaibt4V4RykSLOPDFmPMLc9W53Eyv ahGX2gFNBAO mGafJZMLYqDky1W
  • Step 2– After installing, open up the app. It will ask you if you want to import or create a new wallet. Select the option to create a new wallet.
VjCQvHDkgGE2ZHmdsT0u9Fdhw2UV0T4tK8ErNJOV3x7z uJ5Zgll5veL10BJ4n1KIhPZ41Np WIkYS6L7GUVerWTifaEjHhcUuCKYG9EwjHlaQSZk66jMYs3vH273MREcddNJEgP
  • Step 3– After clicking on create a new wallet, you will be presented with 12 Phrases. Would you mind writing these 12 phrases according to how it’s arranged in a safe place that you can easily remember? These 12 phrases are called your seed phase and are the key to your wallet. It would be best if you NEVER shared it with anyone.
vmnacwr1NMTri7OZml1JCubz HA3eLYTq3ael3jjALbcGcDIpcDWHMi4W60VmeqsxqsXsFopM1ljF dfdzMWi6PUzByknBhXrFXMgqP6n2Vv834s8esCYO6WXpgHqjqBpFzEsckQ
  • Step 4– After writing the 12 Seed phrases on a book, you will see a button that says continue. On the next page, you will select the phrase according to how it was arranged on the previous page. 
  • Step 5– Once all the above is done, you can now proceed to create your wallet.
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How to Buy MSMECOIN on Pancake Swap

  • Step 1– Copy the MSMECOIN contract address provided below.

Contract Address: 0xf575a31d804b2034cab5f96d4db500907e720d3b

  • Step 2– Open your Trust wallet. On the tabs below, you will see Dapps. Click on that Dapps, and you will be taken to a browser. 
  • Step 3– Scroll down to the popular section and see Pancakeswap.finance, or type in the search bar Pancakeswap.finance.
  • Step 4– After the page has successfully loaded, look to the top right of the page and look for the symbol in the red circle. Change the symbol on the top right corner from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain. You can do that by clicking on the symbol, then selecting the one that says Smart Chain.
wg6hcqvsKnPXb 56RFmazi7 T5W0EevC6GpYhucURrUwvYrFFWzb7kKn1xE9RP
  • Step 5– After completing the step above, click on “Connect Wallet” to accept the prompt shown to you. After you’ve successfully connected your wallet, you can then proceed to buy the MSMECOIN.
mS34JmD qu69uXooTLAB1s6 g4ikVYt7DC9AJWYetqSiXhqwDf7tVNTHaGl6VJ7OZB9IhlvE9Ksu5GKNYlZCDWjT4NyjQMCPpBiJQGdvMVQN7bn 1URwRv2s2b4ZKIE4uaJjlcr
  • Step 6. You will see two columns. The first one will have BNB because that’s what you’ll be using to pay, and then the one below is where you will insert the MSMECOIN contract address.
  • Step 7– On the second column below, click on the “Select Currency” option. A page will open.
lkNQDawn5ovX hgJvXRv lu WLiuxOJO7r5hAaFV7wjjTMbdk1VblUJS M47DAw0zMKeHGkw8ilQMrONEnpIJjPKgXYGiQbyvvvmAas3CFI 8QQ9XASD0PrKLEx2Ytinfz7HS A

Paste the contract address provided in step 1 in the search bar and wait for the MSMECOIN name to show. 

rYGTz9kBA3pB4VRMgNhlEd9aHRA5lwCp1FHYMb6KW8Vk4GeEtqEmcqNKBLL XbONcJvlMupcyCUBdfEDQzPpVKhMp3ickt1WIIZfpkSd5C5XeBo4FH6dad wrwnKDUElTUpp4c9b

Once it does that, click on import. A page will open where you can check all the boxes and click on continue.

CGoxn cppbuwRIZU1d77P0OD6c9PrUszCXd1jsMZXqCFwuAXhB3ES6z8Y65qoJ
  • Step 8– After you’ve completed step 7, you can then proceed to buy your MSMECOIN; by typing in the amount of BNB you’re willing to spend, the equivalent amount will show on your MSMECOIN. 
OPkxI xeudMsONac328 matUbPMbyCrYY30NqjpLVE03xEhIKzK8WYkOkHr5tJj9fKVmFONltyd0t3jHy3PifCRuChZ7ymA dZCFa7 YR06Ge3qNrBBY0XEL0kYevJugrIXZQudn
  • Step 9– Proceed to click on “Swap,” it will load and take you to another page. On that page, you will see a blue button that says “Confirm Swap.” 

Click on it and wait for it to load. A dialogue box will open where you have to approve your transaction. Confirm, and your MSMECOIN will be sent to your MSMECOIN wallet.

YFZl9 LZR5myT48aaGqfBVAE tOFb7KuclrPjpa37MI0Oo9Y88Fh 7ACvw7dxK2JnEYH9yT7MHj6WNNt

NOTE: Please make sure you have enough Binance smart chain to cover fees; otherwise, your transaction will not go through.

Steps on How to Create Your MSMECOIN Wallet on Trust Wallet

  • Step 1– Copy the MSME contract address provided – 0xf575a31d804b2034cab5f96d4db500907e720d3b
  • Step 2– Go to Trust Wallet and then look at the top right corner of the page. You will see an arrow-like symbol circled in red in the image below. Click on it.
  • Step 3– After you’ve clicked on it, go to the search bar, type in ww. Look for Add Custom Token and click on it. A dialogue box will appear. 
t6ebxtzYWtDvVn8E8ejZ3j0ywfRjyLJZtfBP5hKHqX78f gt5JXlwXdg
  • Step 4– On this new page, you will see Network. Click on that, and it will show you a list. 

Select Smart Chain. After selecting it will bring you back to the previous page.

  • Step 5– Paste the MSME Contract address you copied in Step 1. After you’ve pasted the address, the rest of the information needed will appear. 
M Eplq 2sY1zvMdrnbIDbNFwZyDJKOjS0Uh2nocnH RK1yz5UiLP qc9tggOsjNQO gcRjR0A8vcum5JnKIwUA 8nibQ94yTf0I 7sac646X5sF3lJOg214iYJtm2RJPMWwjt7m

It should correspond with the data below;

Contract Address: 0xf575a31d804b2034cab5f96d4db500907e720d3b

Decimal: 18

Token: MSME

Proceed to click done, which is on the top right-hand corner of the page. 

After clicking done, you have successfully created your MSME wallet.

jObwDtlfRTvt9kgTsM2VRZXSfn5JxwWH6wnWkLur3VbUWDkZ4nE68FitfxEEIh8NKvcXbOIxr BtA5KgG SD9oM22EDoU4Zwb rXrWm13p36CT42l16Ajl bPy6oD2myewRXlKt


One can no longer underestimate the importance of blockchain and cryptocurrency in businesses today. If your business is a small or medium enterprise, MSME is the right project that you should look out for. You can use the guide above to buy some MSMECOIN in Trust Wallet to participate in the MSME ecosystem.