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555B Shiba Inu Added by Two New Mysterious Whales

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While the community destroyed 126.45 million Shiba Inu last week, over 555.81 billion Shiba Inu had accumulated.

Major Shiba Inu owners continue to amass SHIB worth millions of dollars.

According to a recent revelation from, two wealthy investors using the wallet “Coinbase 10” linked to Coinbase spent a total of $5,442,787 ($5.44M) Shiba Inu in two different transactions, amassing a mind-boggling 555,818,134,743 (555.81B) SHIB. 

About an hour ago, both transactions were carried out.

The unknown wallet started working about an hour ago and has since accumulated a staggering 295,881,822,124 (295.88B), equaling $2,843,424 ($2.84M) in the first-ever significant transaction.

A massive 259,936,312,619 (259.93M) SHIB worth $2,599,363 ($2.55M) was acquired simultaneously by another enigmatic wallet created on November 28th. 

The amount of SHIB in the wallet is currently $5.11 million. The same wallet made her first transaction on November 28 by adding 272,015,652,211 (272.01B) SHIB, valued at $2,720,156 ($2.72M), to her portfolio.

According to WhaleStats, the top 5000 ETH Whales currently have Shiba Inu worth $76,984,166 ($76.98M) in their wallets.

In the last week, the Shiba Inu Community carried out 50 transactions totaling 126,452,790 (126.45M) SHIB.

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