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23M LUNC Burned by Terra Classic Casino in a Month

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According to a tweet posted on Sunday, Terra Classic casino, Terra Casino (@TerraCasino io), has burned over 23 million Terra Luna Classic (LUNC).

On Christmas Day, the betting platform surpassed the 23 million LUNC mark after sending 5 million LUNC to the burn wallet.

“From the @TerraCasino_io team we would like to thank all of our existing customers and those yet to enjoy us a very Happy Christmas or holiday season,” the casino tweeted. “To help you celebrate it we have just burned another 5m LUNC.”

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It’s relevant to note that the platform promised to burn 0.2% of all betting volume when it first launched a little more than a month ago. Before the casino launched, TerraCVita, a group of Terra Classic independent developers affiliated with the betting platform, claimed that it might burn over 24 billion LUNC in just six months.

However, if it continues to go forward at this rate, it will probably only consume 138 million LUNC throughout the designated time. Despite this, a 23 million LUNC volunteer burn is nothing to joke about.

Rex Harrison, a senior member of TerraCVita who goes as Rexzy (@RexYellerBelly), has praised the casino for its efforts and expressed his pleasure in being a part of the project.

“So proud to be part of this. In a month over 23m LUNC has been burned using fun as the incendiary incentive,” Rexzy wrote. “Another massive 5m LUNC today.”

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Additionally, the TerraCVita promoting the concept of voluntarily burning encouraged the community to embrace the betting site.

Importantly, the casino is one of the two DApps that are consuming LUNC. According to the most recent update from Terra Rebels admin ClanMudhorn (@ClanMudhorn_), Moonshot, a lottery game created by the company, has also burned over 27 million LUNC. Moonshot allocates 26% of its pool to the burn wallet.

A surge of DApps is anticipated to encourage on-chain activity and dramatically increase the rate of LUNC burns. Over 36 billion LUNC, or more than 0.5% of the 6 trillion supply, have already been burned by the Terra Classic network. research shows that holders burn more than 327 million LUNC on average each day.

Developers anticipate a significant increase in DApps after the chain reaches parity with LUNAv2. According to a recent report, this will include an upgrade to version 2.0.3.

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