Shiba Inu Unveils SHIBPaper, Addressing 25 Global and Crypto Challenges

Prominent Trader Hails Shiba Inu as 'Best Play of His Life' with 90,000% Profits

In the midst of growing (FUD) as well as minor setbacks faced by Shibarium, a significant event has taken place. Shytoshi Kusama, the figure behind Shiba Inu, has unveiled the long-awaited Shiba Inu World paper. Despite the challenges and negative sentiment surrounding Shibarium, a layer-2 scaling solution, the prominence of Shiba Inu within the social […]

XRP’s Legal Victory Fuels Speculation: MoneyGram Partnership Potential

XRP's Legal Victory Fuels Speculation: MoneyGram Partnership Potential

XRP has been relisted on Coinbase after a favorable outcome in its legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This has prompted experts in the field to focus on the possibility of a new collaboration between Ripple, the creator of XRP, and MoneyGram, a major player in global money transfers. Despite no official […]

Shibarium Fails to Improve SHIB’s Price Almost a Week After Launch


Shibarium, the highly anticipated layer-2 network for Shiba Inu, unfortunately, has not had the intended impact on the asset’s value. Presently, SHIB ranks among the poorest performers within the top 100 cryptocurrency projects. The well-known canine-themed digital currency has experienced a decline of 23% in weekly charts, closely trailing behind Apecoin (APE), which has decreased […]

Shiba Inu Community Burns 1.8B SHIB in 7 Days; 106.30M in the Last 24hrs

Shiba Inu Community Burns 1.8B SHIB in 7 Days; 106.30M in the Last 24hrs

Over the past week, the Shiba Inu community had burned more than 1.84 billion SHIB. However, the burn rate for Shiba Inu has decreased. Notably, over the past seven days, the Community has permanently removed from circulation 1,840,593,165 (1.84 billion) SHIB, valued at $15,573, through 250 different transactions. This number shows a significant drop in […]

Shiba Inu Witnesses a Staggering 750% Surge in Whale Inflows

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu has reemerged as a notable point of interest among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This resurgence was evident on the LunarCrush analytics platform, where SHIB claimed the top spot as the most trending digital asset. Notably, larger and mid-cap cryptocurrencies such as XRP, Pepe Coin, Dogecoin, and MATIC ranked lower in comparison to SHIB tokens in […]

Shiba Memu Ignites the Crypto World: $2M Presale Surge as Meme Coin Races Towards Listing

London, United Kingdom, August 21st, 2023, Chainwire Shiba Memu, a dynamic new cryptocurrency meme coin supported by AI, is causing a stir as its presale surpasses the impressive $2 million fundraising milestone. This remarkable achievement was further spurred by the recent news it would list on BitMart, a renowned crypto exchange, all within the first […]

Shiba Inu: BONE Shows Resilience with 3.28% Gain Despite Memecoin Slide

Shiba Inu: Top Job Platforms Integrates BONE as Payment Support

The offspring token of Shiba Inu (SHIB), known as ShibaSwap Bone (BONE), has experienced a notable increase of 3.28% in value within the past 24 hours. In contrast, SHIB has encountered a decrease of 4% in its value during the same time frame. Similarly, Dogecoin (DOGE), a competing meme-based cryptocurrency, has also seen a decline […]

Dogecoin Users Against Staking DOGE; Here’s Why

Dogecoin Users Against Staking DOGE; Here's Why

Staking-enabled networks use a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus system. Investors can currently stake a variety of assets, including Ethereum, Cardano, MATIC, Solana, BNB, Tron, Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche, etc. Staking payouts claim that for the top 10 assets by staking market cap, the annual payouts range from 2% to 20%. However, Dogecoin uses the Proof […]

Expert Predicts 28,250% Pump to $149 for XRP


XRP is currently undergoing a pullback that has resulted in the reversal of a significant portion of its gains made on July 13. Despite this short-term decline, there is a prevailing optimism among experts about the cryptocurrency’s future prospects. One prominent crypto analyst named Egrag, known for his insights, is resolute in maintaining his ambitious […]

Wall Street Expert Predict Double-Digit Rise for XRP Inspired by Microsoft and Apple


Several major financial institutions predict that the digital asset market might experience a significant $14.5 trillion influx of investments in the upcoming years. Influential individuals within the XRP community are confident that XRP could capture a significant portion of these funds. Linda Jones, a Wall Street financial analyst who supports XRP, is among those who […]