Cardano Altcoins Experience Explosive Price Surges, Dan Forecasts Potential Market Dips


TapTools reports that several native cryptocurrencies launched on the Cardano platform have experienced significant price surges recently. For example, BANK has seen a rise of 19.66% and an astonishing increase of 2.64K% within the last week. Similarly, the meme coin SNEK has surged by 39.84%, showing a remarkable growth of 135.9% over the course of […]

Cardano Sees Record-Breaking Surge in Transaction Volume: Here’s Why?


Cardano (ADA) has witnessed a significant surge in transaction fees, according to data from Messari. On May 28, the transaction costs on the Cardano network reached a record-breaking high of $15.2K. This figure represents the highest point since August 11, 2022, indicating a notable increase in network demand and activity. It’s worth noting that transaction […]

MetaZone Secures Funding to Expand the World’s First Tokenized App Platform for the Metaverse

Singapore, Singapore, May 30th, 2023, Chainwire MetaZone announced today the completion of its US$3 million seed round co-led by metaverse industry leaders, Sfermion and CMT Digital, to expand their tokenized app platform pioneering the META, (Metaverse Enabled Tokenized Application). Top web3 funds Tess Ventures, IOSG Ventures,IVC (Infinity Ventures Crypto), Polygon Studios, MHC Digital, and LucidBlue […]

3M Cardano Addresses in Loss as Crypto Investors Face Losses

3M Cardano Addresses in Loss as Crypto Investors Face Losses

More than 3 million Cardano addresses suffered losses on their ADA holdings at $0.378. The profit and loss of crypto addresses are examined using IntoTheBlock’s Break Even Price indicator. The indicator indicates that 3.12 million addresses are losing money on their $0.378 ADA holdings. The proportion of lost ADA addresses on the Cardano network is […]

Record-High Cardano Transaction Fees Reach New Level Since August 2022


According to data from Messari, Cardano, the third-largest smart contract platform based on market capitalization, has experienced a notable increase in transaction fees. As of May 28, the transaction fees on the Cardano network reached a new record high of $15.2K, marking the highest level since August 11, 2022. This increase suggests a surge in […]

Charles Hoskinson Invites Bitcoin Ordinals to Utilize Cardano Scalable Ecosystem

Charles Hoskinson Appreciates Cardano Community During Edinburgh Workshop

During a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on YouTube, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, shared his insights and opinions on the topic of Bitcoin Ordinals, which is a recent innovation on the Bitcoin blockchain. Hoskinson shared his perspective that the Cardano ecosystem would provide a more appropriate environment for Bitcoin Ordinals, underscoring the […]

Shiba Inu New Burn Initiative to Launch in June

No Shiba Inu (SHIB) Burn in the Last 24 Hours; Here’s Why

Community members and well-known entities continually burn Shiba Inu, and the blazing wheel has never stopped turning. For instance, Coinbase burnt 200 million SHIB tokens only yesterday. Parallel to this, a wallet that had been sleeping for over two years [520 days, to be exact] suddenly awoke to burn its assets in a single transaction. […]

XRP Surges 21%, Breaks Away from ‘Altcoin’ Rally


XRP has achieved an unprecedented milestone in address activity, as revealed by a recent analysis conducted by Santiment, an on-chain metrics platform. The analysis highlights that the XRP network has experienced its second and third-largest spikes in address activity in the past two days. To provide context, an address is deemed active when it actively […]

Analyst Divulges Path for XRP to Reach $0.55 and $0.58 Price Peaks

XRP's Astonishing 61,000% Surge in 2017 Unlikely to Repeat, Analyst Asserts

XRP has been resilient against bearish pressure, firmly protecting the support level at $0.41. It has also made a notable breakthrough by surpassing the $0.50 mark, marking its highest monthly level. In order to maintain a bullish trend, according to the insights shared by Egrag, a proficient analyst, XRP must successfully conclude a trading session […]

Shiba Inu PEPE Feature in May’s Most ‘Social’ Cryptocurrencies

shiba inu

Shiba Inu [SHIB] and Pepe Coin [PEPE] have recently been making waves in the crypto-verse. These two assets have garnered significant attention in the past month regarding price movements, network activity, and social volumes. This has sparked curiosity within the community, as they wonder if these newcomers will outshine the more established cryptocurrencies. Shiba Inu, […]