​​10 crypto slangs you need to know

Crypto slangs

The crypto world is an advanced one that requires constant learning and evolution to stay updated with every tiny bit of information. Apart from knowing how to trade and invest profitably, a trader or investor must be aware of other aspects of the crypto space. Key is the collection of crypto-related slangs. Like every other […]

SegWit2x – What is it and How Does it Work?

SegWit2x - What is it and How Does it Work?

If you are into bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, the word “SegWit2x” probably rings a bell. The hard fork SegWit2x is perhaps one of the most controversial terms in the blockchain world. In short, the SegWit2X hard fork aimed to make bitcoin transactions easier and more efficient by increasing the block size. Before that, another fork, SegWit, […]

Venezuela – How Does the Petro Crypto Work?

Cryptocurrency has spread its wings broad enough to influence online traders, businesses, and even countries. As a result, global financial institutions are creating new ways to improve the economic systems by encouraging cashless policy. Currently, some countries have taken measures to develop digital currencies to achieve this goal. Digital currencies like crypto do not replace […]