139M Shiba Inu Burnt in a Single Transaction, 174M in 24 Hours

Shiba Inu

In the last 24 hours, the community has burned over 174.08 million Shiba Inu (SHIB) coins through the SHIB Burn Portal, including a single transaction burn of 139.85 million shib coins.

Shibburn, a burn tracking website, recently reported that the Community sent a whopping 174,089,136 (174.08M) to dead wallets in 15 separate transactions over the last 24 hours.

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139.85 Million Shiba Inu Were Burned by a Mysterious Wallet

In one significant transaction, the newly created mysterious wallet incinerated a massive total of 139,854,341 (139.85M) SHIB.

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According to Etherscan.io, the mysterious wallet has made three transactions in the last 24 hours. The wallet purchased 139.85 million SHIB tokens in the first two transactions. After one hour, the wallet executed the third transaction, sending all purchased tokens to the “Null Address,” reducing the total circulating supply of popular canine-themed cryptocurrency by 139,854,341 SHIB.

So far this week, the community has sent a total of 316,070,361 (316.07M) SHIB to the “inferno” addresses via 45 separate transactions.