10 Best Asian Play-2-Earn (P2E) Platforms to Watch Out For

10 Best Asian Play-2-Earn (P2E) Platforms to Watch Out For
10 Best Asian Play-2-Earn (P2E) Platforms to Watch Out For

In Asia, parents usually had disagreements with their kids over video gaming. Parents were concerned that their children were squandering their time and money on activities that would have no long-term value as teenagers immersed themselves in the virtual world of fire-spitting dragons, club-wielding warlords, and mystical spells.

But now in the year 2022, in Manila, the Philippines, the stigma associated with playing video games has vanished, and talented players are praised as clever, resourceful business people who are assisting the nation in entering the digital era.

A list of the top Asian P2E crypto platforms is more than necessary given that Asia is one of the world’s largest crypto markets.

The perception of video game gamers is evolving throughout Asia in such a good way. GameFi and the play-to-earn gaming platforms are crucial to this altered attitude.

Play-2-Earn: A Quick Intro

Play-to-earn (P2E) games are a recent and rapidly expanding phenomena in the gaming industry because they combine the two things that everyone wants in life: entertainment and money.

At the intersection of Blockchain Technology and Gaming, something rather unique is taking place. Nowadays, users can make money by playing the games they enjoy because of the quick development of NFTs in the blockchain gaming sector.

The daring application of NFTs in gaming is giving players a wholly new gaming experience and uncovering a wealth of benefits. The player is usually rewarded in today’s play-to-earn games with an in-game token, the value of which is determined by how much liquidity, or money, is present in the token.

Because of this, many utilize non-fungible tokens (NFT) to support their token at first, allocating a portion of their earnings to support it until users start investing their money in it.

Read about the P2E phenomenon here: https://fxcryptonews.com/understanding-the-play-2-earn-phenomenon-the-future-of-blockchain-gaming/

The Best 10 P2E Platforms in Asia

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity, one of the most well-known P2E multi-fight games, is more akin to a gaming platform than a traditional battle game. In diverse ways, it combines DeFi, gaming, and NFTs. We may rank it among the greatest Asian cryptocurrency projects for a variety of reasons because of its high level of popularity and investment possibilities.

Players, as well as artists and developers, have a variety of alternatives in the game’s ecology. You can play the game, make your own avatars and profile information, and make money with it. The game combines many gaming genres and tactics and is integrated into the Metaverse universe of the IBAT Battle Arena.

Through the game, you can investigate virtual reality, observe other players, engage with them, and perform alongside them. You may also design your own avatar, submit images, and create your own place.

On a unique NFT market, you can produce through the game, sell it, and make money. You can earn a passive income by updating your avatar, space, sceneries, and images. By joining the exclusive Telegram group, you can earn 20% of the total supply of $IBAT and receive several perks and presale incentives.

By getting a percentage of IBAT transaction costs, regular players can benefit from the global staking pool. Owning IBAT also makes the ecosystem more robust, and players can use it to buy advertising space on platform billboards.


Tamadoge is undoubtedly one of the games that you should pay attention to because it has huge potential in the field of Asian cryptocurrency initiatives. It combines the P2E and Metaverse, a brand-new meme coin utility, and the succeeding Dodge and Shiba Inu playing models.

The gamer has pets in one element of Metaverse, and each one has a unique 3D rendering. On the other hand, P2E is a game where you get incentives for spending more time bringing baby Tamadoge. However, a skill level in combat with other pets is the prized prize.

Players will raise, feed, and train their dogs from infancy to adulthood; the game’s name is a play on “Tamagotchi.” Later on in the roadmap, Tamadoge will also add a move to earn function that will let you get paid for taking your dog for walks.

The game benefits from Doge’s well-known brand and offers a 100x growth potential. The game is a more Play-and-Earn variant of the Play-to-Earn paradigm rather than the traditional one.

You merely engage in the game while utilizing cutting-edge NFTs to interact with Tamadoge critters in your “Tamaverse ” and mine. Additionally, you can make money on all upgrades while doing nothing. 

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is revolutionizing what a play-to-earn game can be thanks to its robust metaverse. Based on blockchain technology, the Solana protocol enables a mostly serverless and safe gaming experience. The year 2020 is the setting for this multiplayer online game.

In the game, an alliance of alien creatures, sentient robots, and humans are the three main organizations that have emerged and are competing for resources. Deflationary dynamics are incorporated into the game, whereby resources used to construct things are destroyed when a new one is generated.

For instance, your NFT spacecraft will be completely burned out and destroyed if you lose a battle with another player. Star Atlas becomes more challenging after you venture outside of settlements with NPCs as residents.

You’ll be rewarded more lavishly for playing if you get it out alive. You will require SOL tokens to conduct transactions and keep track of NFTs in this game because it was created on the Solana blockchain. Players can earn money by trading ATLAS tokens and NFTs, which are both used to represent goods, in the online market


Users of the new blockchain game CryptoBlades can acquire SKILL tokens by eliminating adversaries, conducting raids with allies, and staking earnings. 

In-game items can be made into characters and weapons that can be used to battle foes, or they can be sold on the built-in market.

Before they can begin the game, players must purchase a character. As a result, they have to pay a tiny price in the form of BNB in order to engage in combat. Battle fees are promptly given back to winners in the form of SKILL tokens.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual world powered by Ethereum where users can explore, buy virtual property, and communicate with other players. Additionally, you can purchase lands, clothing, and other in-game goods in the game.

All of them have an NFT structure and may be traded on the platform’s NFT market, called the “Sandbox Shop.” The game’s transactional token is named $SAND and is known as the native token.

The game has significant distinctions despite having a similar aesthetic to many other games. The “VoxEdit” service, a 3D voxel modeling and NFT creation software, is used in the player-customizable game.

All of the aforementioned allow participants in one of the top Asian cryptocurrency projects to develop whatever they wish. You can earn money by selling those works to other gamers.


Decentraland is a brand-new Ethereum-hosted 3D virtual environment and Metaverse cryptocurrency project. The popularity of the game increased in 2021 after needing a year to do so.

Players can buy plots of land and create avatars. They can utilize nothing else to create amazing in-world material. Because of how the game is set up, NFTs, an environment is created where players can earn money from their online activities.

Players can trade a variety of goods, all of which are represented by the game’s native token $MANA. Possession of virtual property opens up other revenue streams, and users can monetize it by using it for marketing and other activities that bring in rewards.


One of the most notable forthcoming Asian cryptocurrency projects, Silks is a metaverse project that will soon launch. It is a P2E game with a rich Metaverse that is built on the horse racing sector.

Silk horses, a virtual approximation of actual horses, and structured NFTs are available for purchase by players, along with avatars. All of these make it possible for Skills to provide a self-sufficient market where players can exchange Silks and gain from value rises.

The utilization of large databases containing data on the thoroughbred horse’s pedigree, development history, and racing outcomes allows for the connection to real horses.

These datasets will initially be centralized, but as Silks and its user base gain more traction, they will eventually decentralize. Through the use of a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus process, the data are validated. Native Skills Token – $SLK is the reward.

Axie Infinity

A chunk of the game can be managed and controlled by players in Axie Infinity. This game was influenced by Nintendo’s Pokémon series. You can gain AXS tokens by participating in the game, and you can use them to change the course of the game.

You will gather monsters while playing, and you will use them in battle. You will receive cryptocurrency tokens as compensation for killing monsters and finishing tasks. You will own your Axie NFTs and be able to sell them again, ideally at a profit.

The game runs on the Ethereum blockchain using Ronin, a sidechain that aids in lowering transaction costs and latency. As a result, its in-game currency is based on Ethereum.

Axies can also be bred, giving you the chance to build possibly more effective teams and produce more NFTs to sell on the market. You have complete possession of these Axies, so do so.

As a result, remember that your Axies can be sold again and that you can also use them to obtain rewards while playing. If you locate someone who wants the NFT Axie you already own, you can buy it and sell it to them for a profit.


Enjin, a different metaverse project, is essentially original and distinct from previous projects and games. It is a platform that enables producers to quickly produce NFTs for use in blockchain-based metaverse games. No matter their level of experience or other talents, creators will receive minting thanks to the software.

The ability to use Enjin to establish NFTs and guarantee some level of liquidity at all times make it one of the top Asian cryptocurrency ventures.

Digital artists, in-game products, and virtual property creators who make NFT with Enjin can always sell their NFT and earn $ENJ, the native game’s token. The selling differs from asset to asset and is based on the model they develop for usage.


Another ground-breaking metaverse project is Bloktopia, which is scheduled to debut on the Polygon network in 2022. Bloktopia’s Metaverse revolves around a tower with 21 levels as a nod to the 2 million Bitcoins that are currently in circulation.

Bloktopians, the gamers, can buy real estate inside virtual skyscrapers and make money through value growth, leasing, and online advertising.

Users will need a VR headset because Bloktopia’s Metaverse will be based on virtual reality. It offers a realistic experience that other games cannot and is quite different from the traditional games.

The project’s details state that you can construct your own avatar as an NFT that you can sell in addition to being able to design fascinating routes for content creation. You can acquire the native game’s currency, $BLOCK, by reselling your creations and other in-game items.


Unquestionably, GameFi has changed the game for Asia, and given the region’s rapidly expanding digital penetration and present economic conditions, it may become the P2E model’s worldwide hub.

It’s difficult to rank the top P2E platforms in the cryptocurrency space, particularly when we’re talking about Asia. The market is vast and contains numerous nations, each of which has specifics.

On the other hand, they have a significant impact on the global cryptocurrency market, so we’ve listed the top play-to-earn platforms in those nations.